Form Text Asociaci贸n de Afectados de HeroQuest 25 Aniversario

Asociaci贸n de Afectados de HeroQuest 25 Aniversario

Good fellow patrons. I inform you that due to the lack of communication by Gamezone and the successive evasions to the dissemination of the real state of the project, and as the only answer we have an mail from 2015 indicating that "you can not return the money because you are about to leave" I have been forced to document my rights and inform myself thoroughly.
After having collected information from multiple patrons who share the interest in taking criminal action against Dionisio Rubio Gil, since the civil lawsuits seem to have no effect, although almost all of them have been won.
Currently, having started the steps with different lawyers, and just when we were going to be represented by a lawyer of trade, we have agreed with ANTONIO LOPEZ MISAS an affordable price for all patrons to advise and represent us to see what is the best way to face this situation, but first of all, we must face it in a group.

– Why? –
It is very simple. Few patrons have exceeded 鈧400 in their purchase so that would be considered only as a misdemeanor punishable by fine and return of money paid. If we manage to unite all the affected the legal situation would be completely different, opening the criminal path for a crime of aggravated fraud.
Presenting it together, it is easier to accredit the scam, and even reach the aggravated type depending on the amount we add among those affected. The legal actions should be undertaken before the possible prescription of the alleged crime, five years in most crimes, but 4 years according to the delivery date in fraud crimes. This marks a deadline of December 2018.
– What are we looking for? –
Gather patrons who decide to report with us, provide documentation, making an appearance or collaborating in the association delegating this responsibility in those ones who agree to be part of the AAHQ25TH coordination team.

– What do we need? –
Meet a minimum of 150 full partners in the association, although ideally it would be more than 300. These partners would pay 鈧13: 鈧10 would be to pay the lawyer and the other 鈧3 for expenses derived from the association. Being a non-profit association, at the end of the process a liquidation meeting would be organised to deliver that surplus amount to a humanitarian cause.
The more we are, the greater the repercussion of our complaint.

– What interests us? –
1潞. Receive information on the state of the game and the reason for the delay through an interview with a national media of our choice. (Youtube Channel 鈥淎n谩lisis Par谩lisis鈥).
2潞. The game. We paid for it and if it鈥檚 finally delivered and we did not want it afterwards …
WALLAPOP will always be there.

3潞. Claim the Money + expenses incurred and interests for 4 years and over.
– How will we do it? –
Asociaci贸n de Afectados de HeroQuest 25 Aniversario will file a complaint on behalf of all its members for possible fraud, requesting jail sentence, exposing the evidence provided by all patrons and testimonies about possible crimes of which we have knowledge. So in the course of the process or if the trial is favorable, there would be the possibility that we recover the money, the game or this man receives the consequences according to the law and so serve as a precedent for other collective campaigns.

– Options for future partners –
1.- All natural persons, with full capacity to act, who do not have outstanding debts with the Association, who have an interest in the development of the objectives of the Association, may request membership by the procedure established in the following section. and be admitted.
2.- Anyone wishing to be a member of the Association must submit a WRITTEN APPLICATION and commit to comply with these Statutes.
This request will be made through a form of adhesion to the platform, and it will be compulsory to attach a copy of ID or passport to be able to register. In addition, you must pay a REVENUE FEE of THIRTEEN (鈧 13) by deposit or transfer to the bank account of the association.
3.- Agreements for the admission of members will be made by the coordinator or delegated by the coordinator, once the written request of the person concerned has been received, verifying the request, and paying the corresponding fee. The refusal of admission must be duly motivated and the applicant may refuse to present his complaint to the coordinator for a second assessment, which will decide on his registration as a member. All partners will be registered in the Partner Book.

– Partner classes –
Within the Association, its members will be one of the following types:
1.- Founders Who will be those who participate in the act of constitution of the Association.
Having full rights
2.- Headlines. Who will be those who enter after the constitution of the Association and will have the rights granted by these statutes.
The titular members must be affected by the Crowdfunding of Heroquest 25 Anniversary, by any of the available means. Those affected may have participated in the acquisition of the product from, have purchased a pre-sale on or another platform or have purchased the rights to a account of to another user with the pending order to deliver associated.
3.- Volunteers Those who are directly affected or not, and want to collaborate with the platform, may be part of the established work committees, and help in the proper functioning of the same, may attend the meeting of the assembly, always with voice but without vote .
Also included in this category are all those who have individually solved their situation

completely by recovering the money invested, either through a direct refund by the third party or through the execution of a final judicial sentence.
This form is created for the Titular and Founder members. If you want to participate in the association as a volunteer, or simply provide your opinion on this initiative you can contact us and we will provide you with the necessary means to do so.

– Privacy –
The personal data provided will be available to the lawyer or the coordinator of the association to develop a means of action according to our needs.
The opinion data may be made public anonymously in the form of general statistics.
The data provided will be compiled by the Office of Antonio L贸pez Misas.
Likewise, the data provided will not be used for any commercial purpose, nor may they be transferred to third parties. The data provided will be kept for the years necessary to comply with the legal obligations with the association. Personal data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, 1999 on Spanish Data Protection.
What kind of Affected are you? *
If you are affected by one of these cases or you still have the enforcement of another legal process for this same reason, mark one of these cases. If on the contrary it has already been resolved and / or you want to collaborate fill in the form that you will find in the following
A- Patrons through the web
B – I bought the account of from another patron
C – Presales of
D – Presales of another store and is not responsible.
E – Mixed. (several of the above options)

I accept the terms and conditions of what is stated in this form. *
I have read the previous text. With the present notice that I want to be part of the association
and I accept that AAH25TH represent me in the criminal complaint against Dionisio Rubio Gil,
and I promise to pay the registration fee of 鈧 13 (THIRTEEN EUROS).
Yes, I agree with everything previously mentioned.

These data are private and will be in the hands of the lawyer.
Day month Year. It is optional, unless you are a minor, in which case you will need the consent
of your tutor to be able to participate in this association.

Mobile phone *
If you want to join the telegram group

Identifier (whatsapp, telegram, snapchat …)
This information is optional and will be used to verify the identity of the voting members that
are made through the designated media.

Where are you from?
It has happened to many of us. Over the course of these 4 and a half years we have moved
several times. Indicates the current address.

Your order
On the website of, after logging in, -> "your account" ->
"History and details of my orders" you will find a list of your orders.
These will have a 7 character indicator, starting with a pad and followed by 6 digits.
For example, # 001234 # 001235 # 001236 etc …
First order in force *
Write the current order number that contains the pledge and its add-ons.

Other orders?
If you have another or other orders with that same mail, indicate your numbers here. If not,
leave it blank.

If you made several orders or have several pledges made from other emails, please indicate the mail or emails. Enter them consecutively separated by commas.

Total amount contributed *
In this box you will contribute the total amount of all your orders and postage. The value of what is indicated in this box will be the value you request to be returned if there is an option to do so. This value will have to be supported by documentation in your name. (For example, many of us do not have the proof of delivery, in which case we will not ask for those 鈧 7 approximately)

Do you have something else to add?
If you have any relevant information or there is something you can contribute that has not
been contemplated before, this is where to apply. There is a maximum of 1000 characters.

This section is purely statistical. The average of the results will be shown according to their
Do you think this is scam or bad management?
I think it started as a good project but it has become a scam
It was a scam from the first hour
It is bad management and worse communication, but there is no scam

Do you think the game will end up coming out? *
This section is purely statistical. The average of the results will be shown according to their
Do you think there is scam or bad management?
I think it started as a good project but it has become a scam
It was a scam from the first hour
It is bad management and worse communication, but there is no scam

Do you think the game will end up coming out? *

A copy of your answers will be sent by email to the address you have provided.


(Translated by volunteers. Thank you)