Participate in the complaint

(Cerrado el plazo de inscripción de nuevos miembros)

To participate in the joint complaint it is required to remain patron or to have acquired a presale. If none of these conditions is met and you still want to participate in the joint complaint you shall contact us so we can guide you.

Another available option is to collaborate with the joint complaint. For it you shall contact us and we will explain you how to help.

Which are the steps to follow to participate in the joint complaint.

1º – Get the invoice.

If you’re a patron, or you have acquired a presale with GAMEZONE, you shall enter the Gamezone Miniatures web and, after logging in, at the top-right, below your name you will find My account. Then we’ll enter in History and detail of my orders where we will be able to find the order number and invoice.

In this page we’ll take note of the order number and download the invoice.

If you may acquire a presale in another web, you should take similar steps.

2º- Get the payment voucher.

You’ll have to download your voucher in different ways depending on the way you made the payment: card, bank transfer or Paypal. You’ll only need one of them to prove that the payment was made. In the case of several payments, in example freight cost, you will need to provide voucher of this payment.

“We’ll only claim amounts with their paying justified attached.”

In all cases, if you were patron and the payment was managed by, they will offer to provide to you a voucher that proves the amount contributed. We’ll soon put a link to ask for this voucher directly.

In the case that you paid with card or by bank transfer, you’ll need to ask your bank. Spanish law requires banks to keep records available to their customers during five years, even if the bank is acquired by a new entity in which case the acquiring entity must assume these duties. They may charge you this operation, that’s why we recommend you to do it without intermediaries using your bank web, downloading and printing the required information.

Paypal option is really simple. If you paid using Paypal you’ll only need to access your history to download your movements in a date interval. As well as we did with Lanzanos we attach the steps to take.




3º-  Join the association.

Because we are talking about an alleged fraud, but with values less than 400€ per patron, individual complaint is not worth of it, because the invested effort is quite high and the expectatives of getting back any money are few. Besides paying the lawyer, legal procurator, etc… make the process more expensive than the money you may get back.

That’s why we have joined a joint compliant, allowing the Association to represent all members in the joint compliant. With this, we are lodging a single complaint with the alleged fraud of the total sum of all the payments proved by the patrons represented. In order to do this, we just need to join the association, fill the form in which we accept to be represented, provide the required information and pay 13€ in the concept of admission fee.

These 13€ include 10€ for paying the lawyer and 3€ of association expenses. The remaining money will go to an humanitarian cause at the end of the process, because this is a non-profit association.

How to join?

Following one of the links shown below. Those links will redirect you to an inscription form. To get access to the form you will need a GMAIL account, after this you may include any email you prefer in the form (the same you used to get access to the form or any other you may prefer).

  1. You can join the Association as denouncing party. In which case you must be patron, have acquired the rights on a Gamezone Miniatures with at least a Heroquest order pending to be sent, or have acquired a presale. In this case you may get into the Association as owner. (ONLY TEXT TRANSLATE)

  1. You can join the Association as NO denouncing party.  This may be the case of everyone that, because different reasons, wants to collaborate, but cannot join the joint complaint with us. They will provide relevant documentation, as in example the settlement of claim in courts against Gamezone /Ludofilia /Dionisio. Everyone that have read to this point may know the current status of the project, although the claims have been won, Gamezone /Ludofilia /Dionisio have paid almost no one. Because there are several different scenarios, we recommend you to get in contact with us first and we’ll provide you with advice of the best way to collaborate with us.

  1. You may give your opinion if you are a patron but don’t want to participate. For comparison, because we consider a fact that many patrons are unfamiliar with the real status of the project or because they feel that they don’t actively participate of any decision, we have undertaken to create a poll about the opinion of anyone who is not willing to join the association and make it public the statistics of this database, obviously respecting the privacy of everyone single person who participates in the polling.

4º- Save the inscription form.

After registering yourself, you will receive a copy of the inscription form in the mail you have entered in it. You shall save this mail as PDF because it will be required to be attached with the rest of your data.

-How to do it?-

There are many ways to do it. In example, if you used the Google email, you will receive something similar to the image just below.

In the top right corner, you will see a little icon representing a printer, after clicking it, will show the document with all pages ready to print.

If you were using Outlook or Hotmail, you will have in the top right corner three dots, after clicking them you will have a drop down where you will find the print option.

Then, if you browse using Chrome, it will be quite easy, because if you click in the button which shows change where you can read destination, you can chose save as PDF.

As previously said, those are just some samples, although there are many other ways. The most important thing is that the PDF contains all the information and not only the first page.

5º-  Additional information.

All record in the association is required to contrast the provided data with an official document, and because of this it will be required to attach a copy of the Spanish DNI (National Document of Identity) or the passport.

You may send us an scanned image or even a photo taken with your mobile phone. What is important is that the image is readable.

Besides all the documentation you have collected at this point, it would be very interesting that if you have already sued or complained about Dionisio, Gamezone or Ludofilia you attach the documentation here and, if it is possible a document where you explain briefly why you sued, and the results of this suit or complaint.

Other kind of documentation may be of interest, as photos and videos, but because of the limited space in the account we will appreciate that you’ll contact us so we can determine if they are relevant or not.

Any help will be welcome.

6º- Create a folder and compress it.

To make us things a little easier, the folder will be named with your order number. In example, if your order is #001234, the folder will be named  001234.

This, associated with the fact that you may have filled the form will make us much easier to sort the documents of all the patrons at the time to give them to the lawyer.

Then, compress the folder, preferably with winrar because you can download it free for personal use from their official page.

7º- Send the compressed file to our email.

To send us the information you shall write us an email to attaching the compressed file and writing in the subject your order number using the hash “#” and followed by your name.

The subject may be like this:

– “#001234 Flavio Collovini“.

– “#004321 Antonio Marquez Escudero“.

– “#000034 Peter Brown”.

8º- Pay the inscription fee.

In order to carry the joint claim correctly and supported by a lawyer, it is required to pay the lawyer and legal procurator costs. has offered to facilitate the bank account and its maintenance, because other entities have declined to open, in their banks accounts with acceptable regular maintenance costs.

We have pursued the total cost to be affordable for everyone and it is a 13€ cost per patron, splitted in two concepts: 10€ to pay the lawyer and 3€ to pay the creation and maintenance costs.

We have made the number this way so you won’t need to make any further payment. After the trial, if any money remains in the bank account, it would be created a settlement board to decide to which humanitarian cause the remaining fund will be aimed to. (No profit association)

The account number to make the deposit will be provided to you after filling the form.

The beneficiary of the transfer will be “Asociación de Afectados HQ25th”.

As description in the transfer and to and to make sure that there is no error, you will write down the order number and your name, putting PROLAN first, so it will be easily distinguishable. If the field’s length is not enough to hold your name, take into account that this will not be a problem.

The description may be like the next examples:

– “PROLAN001234 Flavio Collovini“

– “PROLAN004321 Antonio Marquez Escudero“

– “PROLAN000034 Peter Brown”



To allow the association to log a joint complaint in your name, the next information is required:

  • Invoices.
  • Payment receipt.
  • Association form.
  • Identification document (DNI or passport).
  • Others (optional).
  • Association inscription fee paid.

With all of this, the association will take legal actions in the name of the members so we can figure out if this is a scam or not, and to get results ruled by a judge.

Also note that the joint complaint would be withdrawn if the game is received and according all the promised commitments to all the patrons, because in that case, each patron will be free to keep the game or to re-sale it.


(Translated by volunteers. Thank you)