DS or with a stick

Well, this post is more personal than regular publications.

To put you in the background, we will explain that due to the instigation and insults received in that forum thread and by private message, the decision was made not to make any further posts on that forum. About 6 months ago.

After seeing this I set out to respond to a comment that explained how quiet the thing was to which we were told by discrediting the work of the association. I was surprised that instead of not receiving a response or following a conversation along that line, visitor discredits began to rain, including a moderator’s confrontation. So after a farewell response and assuming they would delete my messages, I deleted the DS account.

Already noticing in DS, offensive comments changed to insults and slander that were freely championing and the moderators rather than seeking to appease, or did nothing or encouraged the insults against me.

DS is a very large community, and i’m sure it is not so in all its threads, but that has actually become a thread that only encourages “the salseo” and the provocations of the trolls to get more messages. That’s why I deleted my account so As not to get into “the salseo” because the reason we met is a criminal case and we have spent a lot of time responding to these people who loop and with good words are dedicated to repeating the same questions over and over again in bucl e, filling in the spam message thread so that those who are truly interested in the information useful for the report would not find it.

As they still differ i will share the most serious message :


As already known Lanzanos collaborate from the first hour, since its logo carries on the web from the first moment and its tax name “Taunology” is part of the domain of our website.

Another unsubstantiated accusation is about the legal figure representing the association, as we are a “Non-Profit Affected Association” that is collected in the Ministry of the Interior under heading 621 and, has been made known to those who have asked with Anteriority. He also banded a telegram at whom they repeatedly continued to ask this over and over in loops.

Anyone outside the association can pay the necessary fees and download the bylaws and public documents thereof. Likewise our lawyer’s phone number is located on our website as it offered the possibility that any affected person could hire him on his own if he saw it convenient to add any personal damage beyond the common ones, such as damage to his image or damage Psychological. Logically, these services are at the interested party’s account and not the association.

With this we say goodbye to communicating that until after the summer we are sure that we will have no progress on our part and do not know how “the salseo” will continue, defamation and the posts of other people involved.

The moderators seem to have already started to calm the thread but without recriminating the actions against the association.*
the image has been edited: since in their forum they comment that they have not given us permission to share screenshots of their website and to maintain the privacy of this member who has been repeatedly banned from the thread in telegram.

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