Ingresos bloqueados, Paypal y cierre de inscripciones.

Lo primero, gracias a todos los inscritos.

Debido a que hemos superado el número de ingresos por transferencia gratuitos que nos ofrecía el banco, la cuota de inscripción de socio de 13€ deberás abonarla posteriormente en la cuenta bancaria que te comunicaremos en un email, el cual mandaremos entre la última semana de septiembre y la primera de octubre. Lamentamos el imprevisto, pero al tratar de hacerlo lo más económico posible, tenemos que ir midiendo todos los pasos por culpa de la burocracia. La parte buena, es que esto demuestra el éxito de la iniciativa y de que no somos los famosos “4 gatos” de los que siempre se nos ha tachado.

Otra ventaja es que a esa cuenta podremos vincular una cuenta de paypal más fácilmente, y con ello facilitaremos el abono a los extranjeros que no pueden hacer transferencias sin pagar unas comisiones disparatadas.

Las transferencias bloqueadas realmente no son un problema. A todos los que hayáis intentado hacer la transferencia os llegará de vuelta. Y os pedimos que esperéis a que tengamos la otra cuenta habilitada para hacer el ingreso.

En cuanto esté lista la nueva cuenta bancaria enviaremos un correo, con los datos de la nueva cuenta, a todos aquellos que no tengamos constancia de su transferencia.

El plazo para inscribirse en la asociación se cerrará el día 25 de Septiembre, dando un plazo posterior aún por determinar para completar la documentación y el abono de las cuotas de inscripción pendientes.

En el momento en el que tengamos disponible la cuenta de Paypal daremos un plazo de 10 días para seguir recogiendo documentos. Justo después de eso añadiremos a la denuncia la información aportada por estos últimos y podremos presentarla.

A falta de los trámites del banco, estamos en la recta final para presentar la denuncia.

Si tienes cualquier pregunta no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros a través de o a través de nuestro correo

FAQ 1.0

  1.      Who fits the society?
  2.      Will there be further payments besides the initial fee?
  3.   Languages
  4.   I am currently involved in a civil lawsuit. Can I still join?
  5.   I got my pledge from a former backer with Gamezone approval. Can I still join?    
  6.   Who is supporting this action? Is Lanzanos in charge?
  7.   Data protection
  8.   What happens if we lose the lawsuit? Will we be forced to pay the expenses?  
  9.   I am not Spanish and/or do not live in Spain. Can I still join?
  10.   Statute of limitations for criminal offense
  11.   Trolling

Firstly, and just to be clear from the beginning; this is not business. We are just a bunch of backers who are working hard to get justice done, thus please be patient and understanding. Try to picture yourself in our shoes, fighting injustice as if we were immersed in a medieval-like adventure, exploring a land full of trolls with limited social life.

  1. Who fits the society?

All of those who either supported the HQ25 crowdfunding campaign, pre-purchased the game through the GameZone web site or got the pledge from a former backer are welcome, as long as you have not gotten the purchased product, neither your money back.

  1.   Will there be further payments besides the initial fee?

In principle, a single payment of 13€ per member will suffice to cover all the expenses. Nevertheless, as is laid down in the society Statute, the members may agree a new fee if required (for example, if the legal procedure takes longer than expected). Yet, we will try our best to avoid further payments besides the initial fee.  

  1.  Languages

Although the official language of the society is Spanish, we are working to translate all the information into English, French and German. Please, note that all the translation work is being conducted by volunteers during their free time. If you are good on languages and want to lend a hand, just drop us an email with the subject “I would like to help with translation” or contact us through Facebook (private messenger):

You may also consider Google Translator or DeepL for automatic translation into your home language.

  1.  I am currently involved in a civil lawsuit. Can I still join?

a)  I am currently on a trial

Most of the people who have taken legal actions against DRG, Ludofilia and GameZone chose civil litigation. However, the society was conceived to file criminal charges against DRG and Ludofilia instead. In case you want to join, just let us know that you are currently involved in a civil lawsuit. Simply, your civil lawsuit will stall until the class action is completed.  

b) My trial already finished and there was a verdict


You can join the society as a partner with full rights in case you won the trial and yet you did not get your money back. Otherwise you can join the society as a volunteer to provide support.


  1.  I got my pledge from a former backer with Gamezone approval. Can I still join?

You can still join the society as long as you are the legal owner of the pledge (i.e. Gamezone provided you with full rights on the pledge)

  1.  Who is supporting the class action? Is Lanzanos in charge?

The society was founded by some backers of the HQ25 project that have been in touch since a few years ago through the Facebook group “Quiero mi Heroquest 25 aniversario!”. After founding the society, we contacted Lanzanos to inform on the situation, and then they decided to collaborate with us (note that they are also a victim of the HQ25 drama). Lanzanos is making use of their own database for emailing the backers, and they are further supporting the society by providing free hosting for the web (we really appreciate that). Also, they have provided a bank account for the society, which allowed us to save the bank account maintenance fee.

  1.  Data protection

The database of the society is fully independent from that of Lanzanos, and no third parties are involved.Note that there has not been any data transfer from Lanzanos to the society (and vice versa). Lanzanos owns its private database and just did us the favor of mailing the backers of the HQ25 project to disseminate the information concerning the creation of the society. Thus, although all the backers are welcome to join the society, those who do not join within the next weeks will not be longer able to participate in the class action lawsuit, and they will not be further updated in this regard, since Lanzanos will not share any data with the society.

  1.  What happens if we lose the lawsuit? Will we be forced to pay the expenses of the process?

In the worst-case scenario, we may lose the trial. However, according to the Article 15.2 of the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22th March, the members of the society will not be responsiblefor any expenses derived from the process. It would be the society itself that responds with its present and future goods, but never the members.

  1.  I am not Spanish or do not live in Spain. Can I still join?

Yes, you can. Note that the society shall undertook any action on behalf of the backers.


  1. Criminal offense and statute of limitations

a)   Criminal offense

The judge will ultimately decide if there is room for criminal offense, as well as the severity of it. In the worst-case scenario for DRG, and according to the Article 250 of the criminal code, he might serve a prison sentence up to 6 years if the total fraud amount is proved to be over 250.000€. Note that Gamezone collected more than 600.000€ just through the crowdfunding campaign, but the actual income could be way more than that…

b) Statute of limitations for criminal offense

Depending on the final verdict of the judge, and according to the Article 131 of the criminal code, the offense might be limited to a maximum of 10 years from the date on which it was committed. Yet, we are working under the assumption that it is limited to 4 years from the announcement of the first delivery date, as suggested by our lawyer.

  1.  Trolling

Although it is common sense not to approach a starving “troll”, we warn you against few people that, for some reason, still support Gamezone and DRG unconditionally. They will try defaming and manipulating the public opinion for the sole purpose of getting people to give up. They will argue that there is no way we can get the game neither our money back, no matter what. You are warned!



(Translated by volunteers. Thank you)
FAQs 1.0 (rewritten version by RMV)